Current vacancies

There are no current vacancies open at the European Labour Authority. Please check regularly in case you would be interested in applying for future vacancies.

Update 07/08/2019

Following the closure of the deadline for the first six vacancies for temporary agents at ELA on 6 August 2019, the respective selection committees will now start the screening of applications.

Overall, a total of 2421 valid applications for these six vacancies were registered. From this total, 40% of applications were from male candidates, whereas 60% correspond to female candidates. The table below shows the number of valid registered applications, and the estimated number of candidates to be invited to the assessment phase in each case. The European Commission, on behalf of the ELA, applies a policy of equal opportunities and treats applications without discrimination on any grounds.

Given the high volume of applications received, the timeframe dedicated to pre-selection may be extended beyond what is stated in the vacancy notices. Please note that it will not be possible to share any further detail to individual information requests during this period. In case of questions about the process, please consult the relevant vacancy notice or the FAQs section on the ELA website.

Please note that further updates will only be shared on the ELA website and social media profiles of the ELA.

Upon completion of each pre-selection process, candidates to be invited to the assessment phase will be informed via the email indicated in EU CV Online.

Vacancy Profile Grade # of submitted applications Expected number of candidates to be invited to assessment phase
ELA/AD/2019/001 Head of Sector - Finance & Procurement AD7 142 8
ELA/AD/2019/002 Head of Sector - HR AD7 122 8
ELA/AD/2019/003 Procurement Officer AD5 367 8
ELA/AD/2019/004 Labour Mobility Officer AD5 509 16-20
ELA/AD/2019/005 Programming & Reporting Officer AD5 773 8
ELA/AST/2019/006 Administrative Assistant AST3 508 16-20

Past vacancies